ASM Eloksal Alüminyum San. Tic. Ltd. Sti



Anodised ASM operating for many years in the industry, which was established in Kagithane anodizing production of various types of production facilities started. Tamami established with domestic capital and anodized ASM eyes filled with a variety of products, offers outstanding service with the highest standard of raw materials and workmanship.


According to the demands coming from the light of technological developments by expanding its product yalpazesini ASM, modern, high-strength anodized products produced by plants sector has become one of the major brands.


The importance given to the development of R & D projects continues unabated ASM, customer-focused understanding of quality and service, but also for the better team dynamic, and the message is working with Visionary.


The success so far ahead yillarada rigorously derived by ASM to move in this direction, more qualified, fast and reliable industry reputation gained with the principle of operation gayesindedir continue forever.


Long years of knowledge, experience and the best quality product with the right timing you have acquired a duty to provide our valuable business partners.